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At The Barista Training Academy, we empower coffee enthusiasts with comprehensive education led by industry experts. Whether you're an aspiring barista or a future cafe owner, our immersive learning environment equips you with the skills to brew exceptional coffee and turn your coffee aspirations into reality. With qualified trainers and globally acknowledged certification, we offer hands-on experience and alumni status.


The Barista Training Academy offers comprehensive courses, workshops and personalized guidance by Barista Hustle-certified trainers, aiming to elevate the skills of aspiring baristas in India. Their specialized training programs are designed to equip participants with the expertise and practical skills needed to create exceptional beverages, striving to contribute to the creation of the best beverage experiences in the world.

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Dreaming of being a Barista?

Join Our
Flagship Program

Are you dreaming of becoming a top-notch barista or elevating your coffee-making skills to a professional level? Look no further! The Barista Training Academy presents its comprehensive, flagship 30-day course designed to transform coffee enthusiasts into skilled professionals.

Binny Varghese

Founder and Trainer

Former cook turned Coffee Consultant & Educator with global F&B experience, inspired by motorcycle journey through India and Nepal to establish Barista School addressing coffee education gap in India.

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Barista Hustle

All the courses at Barista Training Academy are also accredited by Barista Hustle. Based in Australia, it is a transparent and community-driven platform dedicated to helping coffee enthusiasts and professionals worldwide elevate their craft. From online barista courses to innovative hardware like the Barista Hustle Tamper, they strive to provide valuable resources and foster knowledge-sharing within the specialty coffee industry.

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